3. You can only try this if your computer has power and is working. d. If the disc is not inside the player and you are not able to open the tray, please try resetting the Blu-Ray Player. I have a CD that is inside of the CD player (not the 5 disk) but on the actual head unit and it will not eject. It would make a faint clicking noise like the eject mechanism was trying to do its thing, but it would not come out. How can I disconeect power to - Answered by a verified Volvo Mechanic. Your 6 disc CD player in your 2001 ford explorer doesn't work it won't load eject or play it just keeps saying CD error? Newbie here. Voila, out popped the disc. Normally the mechanism takes over as you put a cd in and takes it in, but it just won'take it, I press the EJECT button and it keeps making a sound like its ejecting a cd, but it does nothing. When I do try to eject, it makes a loud ticking noise and says to "check cd" I have a front loaded trayless single disc CD player in my car. This is the clicking you hear as the lens tracks back and forth. Method 2 of 6: Replacing the Fuse. If not, try inserting the second CD all the way in, on top of the stuck CD, and then pressing eject. The same thing in my 2012. I could hear it 'trying' to eject (a 'click' and 'hum' when hitting the eject button). There is a bug in the 630 with RW CD/DVD drives that causes the CD/DVD drive to open spontaneously, at all sorts of times. Then, it makes a noise even when the car is shut off like its trying to eject something. Mine's the second-lowest radio offered: CD, Sirius and Aux plug, that's it.. (I forget the option #). c. Try pressing the Open/Close button on the remote if the button on the player doesnt respond. I moved it back and forth and side to side. Just recently started having issues with my CD player on my Silverado. The CDs that we try to play on our players can be anything, ranging from data to audio/video ones. Press the eject button. However, My CD player wont eject, when you press button you hear whirring noise like its trying to but nothing happens. e. To know how to reset the Blu-Ray Player, Please CLICK HERE. Applicable Products and Categories of This Article If the CD player will not accept the disc or if the disc keeps being ejected, there may be a problem with the disc that you are trying to play or the unit may need to be reset. Anyway, like I said, from time to time a CD would stick. When the Blu-ray drive tries to eject the cd, it has to push up a white magnetic spindle in order to push the disk forward. I use my MP3 player 99% of time, plugged into the aux-in of the car radio. My remedy was to keep a couple of playing cards handy. By continuing to use this site you consent to the use of cookies on your device as described in our cookie policy unless you have disabled them. everytime i put a cd the first song plays for 10sec then skips and then the cd will eject and it does it to all my cds. If other discs play normally, the original CD might not be in the correct format for the stereo. But it is not necessary that the ordinary CD players that we use at our homes will be able to read data … 1. The Compact Disc (CD) player will not accept the disc or the disc keeps being ejected. Cd won't stay in player and motor keeps trying to eject even after cd is out - Answered by a verified Chevy Mechanic We use cookies to give you the best possible experience on our website. Some PCs have eject keys on the keyboard, usually near volume controls. Trying a different disc will help the user determine whether the problem is with the disc or the CD player. Wouldn't eject or play. it was working fine for a while until now. A CD player is a device that we use to play compact discs. We use cookies to give you the best possible experience on our website. Once you are able to locate that button, just … I bought the laptop 3 years ago (the warranty was expired). Skip down to … The spindle drops down again when a cd is inserted and this is what keeps the disk from moving around in … 4. Still happens at the same frequency. The first part of this video shows what to do. On rare occasions, a power cord, belt, or tray must be replaced. Maintenance To ensure that your Ford CD player works best at all times, it is important to clean the player's lenses with the Ford recommended lens cleaners. After receiving the … CD is stuck in Volvo xc90 six (cd) player. 1. The labels themselves caused the problem. It is the easiest and simplest method of ejecting the DVD tray. The parts could be a white magnetic spindle or the gate in front of the drive. I then lifted the sheet metal top off and was able to look down into the player. For doing this, you just need to locate the eject button which is most likely to be present on your DVD tray or towards either of its sides. When one would stick I took a card or two and stuck it in to the slot trying to position it under the the CD. Most of the time, creating audio CDs in WMP goes without a hitch, but sometimes the process just doesn't work. Recently started having trouble with my radio/cd player. Wrap the metal end of a paint scraper in tape, with the sticky side of the tape facing up. 09 Silverado. Product Repair. Standard Ford CD players can be quite expensive; if you think it's time to replace your broken CD player, you may consider replacing it with a compatible third-party CD player instead. Pulling and replacing the fuse once did not keep it from happening again. and i cant even skip to track to! CD/DVD drive is not recognized CD/DVD drive cannot read discs CD/DVD drive tray is stuck. I tried taking out the fuse and putting it back in but nothing changed. I load a CD in, play it, but when I hit eject, it makes clicking noises & doesn't eject. Dell XPS L511Z - keeps trying to eject CD/DVD by dlethe01 Jan 2, 2015 11:26PM PST. How to fix a No Disc / No CD / No DVD error on your CD or DVD player that won't read discs easily. Repair information and service assistance. How to Force Eject a Disc From Within the OS . Here are a … It keeps trying to eject and runs continuously. Slide the paint scraper into the CD player slot and push up or down, trying to affix the tape to the stuck CD. Our company trucks get a lot of dust (Road Construction) Had symptoms. If you experience that the CD/DVD drive tray is stuck after pressing the eject button, please refer to the following troubleshooting steps. The CD will play fine and I can seek through the tracks perfectly. I have not been able to find any reference to a newer BIOS code with a fix, but there are plenty of complaints on the internet. Those who have replaced the CD DVD drives still have the problem in most cases. The Compact Disc (CD) player will not play a disc. How to clean the lens of a Compact Disc (CD) player. Wrap the metal end of a paint scraper in tape, with the sticky side of the tape facing up. Sometimes the CD player wouldn't work for months! You need to clean the lens using a Q-Tip moistened with IPA 90%+ (Isopropyl Alcohol - available at most electronics parts stores). If your CD/DVD-ROM drive has a physical eject button, you can usually press it to open the tray. We'll start with the easiest way to get the drive open—skip the physical button on the outside and ask your operating system to force eject the disc. Try to eject the CD normally. I removed the four small screws from the top of the changer and one small screw from the back (to loosen the small box still attached by wires). I eject, it usually takes 2 or 3 presses of the button. Microsoft's Windows Media Player (WMP) is a popular application for users who want a central place to manage their digital music library. The fuse box should be under the dashboard on the driver’s side. If holding in the eject button does not work, try the same technique holding in both the eject button and power button on the CD player. 2. I have to keep the fuse out of the truck because it seems to be completely random when the CD player will do this. Hi everyone. In this video I show you how to fix it. In addition to ripping audio CDs to MP3 files, it can create audio CDs from various digital formats. Before using DVD lens cleaner on a player, it is best to first try out other discs to establish if the fault is from a dirty CD player that needs cleaning and not from a bad CD. It sounds like the ejection motor is running and I am afraid it's going to kill my battery. This is perhaps why it can't read the disc properly, so it is searching the disc trying to read it. CD, DVD, and VCR players let you know right away when they need attention. OK so i have a 97 chevy blazer and the previous owner installed a cd player which was mad in 2000. and after years i finally got the cd that was stuck in it and started using it. Recently had to send the MP3 player back cause of a hard drive failure. Look for key with an upward-pointing triangle with a horizontal line underneath. **Tips: The Eject button may be different based on different models, please refer to the User Manuals. #carcdplayerfix #diy #cdplayer #auto #mitsubishi Fix A Car CD Player That Won't Eject Disc Car CD gets stuck. Just got my Carbon black M3 today, want to change CD player to ipod set up and will get round to that. If holding in the eject button does not work, try the same technique holding in both the eject button and power button on the CD player.

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