But if you use them on your plants you have to realise that the leaves and stems of the clematis are going to be on your plant throughout the year. Take special care to avoid injury to stem and roots since the wilt fungus requires a wound to begin its deadly work. I nearly choked several of my plants a few years ago by “shading their feet” with bacopa. Clematis tend to be planted deeper than most plants so that clematis wilt does not kill the plant. 5. Using other plants to cover a clematis’s roots can actually impede the vine’s growth. Whether the clematis needs pruning or not can be of great importance. 4. This is why it is viewed as an intrusive weed by many people. Avoid damaging the roots. They may not be unsightly but some might be in winter. The first six groups to flower in the year, do not need pruning. After that near-fatal experience, I started removing plants from the base of my clematis, and the results have been positive. The Latin Clematis is thought to derive from the Greek word for shoot as it is a climbing plant. That means the roots are even deeper, and so they naturally get the cool soil they prefer. It was also suggested that traveller’s joy did the devil’s work as it would kill other plants by out-competing them. Site your clematis properly. Give good culture. You can simulate this natural environment by shading the base of the vine with other plants, a mulch and/or a flat stone. Keep the clematis area free of plant debris on a year-round basis. Do not cultivate the soil around clematis plants and maintain good mulch. 1. Just make sure not to mulch directly around the stem. In northern climates the crown should be planted several inches below the surface of the soil. In the wild, clematis vines scramble over other plants and rocks as they reach for the sun, while their roots remain cool and shaded.

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does clematis kill other plants

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