The name of the program under which the service is delivered. Most departments have already identified, in their Departmental Results Framework, their outcomes, or expected results, which are to be reflected in their Program Inventory, as per the Policy on Results. Guideline On Safe Use of High Alert Medications (HAM) Guideline On Safe Use Of High-Alert Medications (HAM) are guidelines pertaining to handling of drugs that are categorized as High Alert Amendments have been made during the Medication Safety Committee Meeting, Pharmaceutical Services Division … Develop, maintain and share a list of best practices relating to service. A service standard is a public commitment to a measurable level of performance that clients can expect under “normal circumstances” (expected level of demand for regular day-to-day service operations). The provision of a regulatory permit or certificate usually constitutes a final service output. That authority can be conferred through legislation or through a regulatory or other instrument to a service provider, and accountability is delegated to the appropriate level of manager. Departments that publish their service inventories on their intranet sites can help ensure that all staff have access to this information. If the owner is another department, provide the name of that department. The following calculation method can help determine the average percentage of each service that can be completed online: Sum of % of each external and internal enterprise service that can be completed online This could include training, information or orientation sessions, video, information provided via internal collaborative tools, manager debriefs, account sign-on notifications and electronic newsletters. Consider the following: managing service channels to increase the number and use of online services and reduce the volume of more expensive in-person and telephone services (incentives/disincentives), aligning or integrating services or service improvement initiatives with others (within the program, department, government or other jurisdictions), It demonstrates alignment between department-wide strategies and the Government of Canada service direction, which is set out in the objectives, principles, expected results and requirements of the Policy, It brings an integrated and coherent approach to selecting service improvement initiatives that lead to better services for clients, It improves accountability and enables departments to demonstrate yearly progress towards meeting its service improvement goals, a 2- to 3-page Word document, with a separate, updated work plan as the appendix; or. A priority-authenticated service is a priority service that relies on a credential assurance to carry out a transaction securely (as per the Standard on Identity and Credential Assurance). Did circumstances change, such as lower than expected demand or new technology? For example, the update can consist of: The annual update should include the following elements: The annual update should be approved by the same executive or committee that approved the original service management strategy. endobj Service agreements can enhance governance, accountability and service quality by clearly defining roles, responsibilities, processes and performance expectations. This differs from special circumstances where regular service standards may not apply. For additional information and tools for this requirement, please consult the Guideline on Service Standards, published separately. Given their complex and transformational nature, e-service policy requirements are the last to come into effect in the policy’s phased implementation schedule. Provides recommended practices, tips and tools regarding service management practices. Section 7.3 of the Policy on Service, which came into effect on October 1, 2015, requires that a mechanism to provide feedback and address client service issues in a timely manner is available to clients. All individuals, businesses, and organizations in Canada require services from the federal government at one time or another, and they expect those services to be of high quality; they expect government to provide services that are easy to access, timely, accurate, reliable and secure. Indicates whether the service is an external service or internal enterprise service, as defined in the Policy on Service. department’s mandate and key responsibilities related to service, services covered by the service management strategy, relationship to other departmental or Government of Canada–wide investments or initiatives, Better meet the needs of clients to deliver services in their preferred channel, Increase the efficiency of service delivery. The objective of this requirement is to ensure that the number of services available to clients that can be completed online is increased annually and that a department’s plans to do so are captured within their service management strategy. The frequency of data collection should correspond to the nature of the service and the frequency and nature of interaction with a client. Departments are responsible for determining what constitutes or does not constitute a service based on their own specific operational context. The weather website publishes information about the weather forecast with a high degree of frequency; sometimes, as often as every minute. In instances of third-party delivery, departments must incorporate e-enabled requirements into their contracts or agreements, as compliance with the Policy on Service remains necessary in those situations. providing an application form on the Government of Canada website for use by the business owner to apply for the permit or certificate, responding to a call from the business owner, who may need additional information to complete an application, or other follow-up questions. The unique program number associated with program elements for all strategic outcomes, programs, sub-programs, and sub-sub-programs. The proportion of external and internal enterprise e-services is increased annually, according to a department’s service management strategy. Management and Funding Guideline (“Guideline”) for Consolidated Municipal Service Managers (CMSMs) and District Social Services Administration Boards (DSSABs). Title Guideline on conducting an initial on-site assessment Author Department of Cooperative Governance & Traditional Affairs Subject 24/05/2019 Created Date 5/24/2019 4:24:02 PM Client feedback and issue-resolution mechanisms provide a means for departments to receive and manage input from clients, and involve recording, processing, responding to and reporting on the input received. Every day, the Government of Canada delivers a broad range of services. 1. When establishing real-time service delivery performance information approaches, consider the following key characteristics: Although service standards inform clients what to expect based on organizational service targets, they do not provide current performance information that permits citizens and businesses to make behavioural choices when accessing government services. Share knowledge, including best practices and lessons learned, with the service community. These draft Guidelines establish requirements for credit institutions, investment firms and payment service providers (PSPs) on the mitigation and management of their information and communication technology (ICT) risks and aim to ensure a consistent and robust approach across the Single market. The Priority Service Identification Tool identified in Appendix 1B is intended to support departments in the identification of their priority services and in documenting the analysis and assessment; it can be refined to reflect other considerations or factors, such as weighting to reflect the relative importance of the criteria being used. The following are considered internal enterprise services: The general types of internal services (as prescribed in the Policy on Results) are outlined in Appendix 1D, which can be helpful in in the identification of, and reporting on, internal enterprise services. Funding is delivered in person or by mail. Does the activity result in a final output to a recipient/client? The greater the need for the information in a specified time frame, the greater the likelihood that it is a service. It provides recommended practices, tips and tools regarding service management, which in some cases may already be in place in departments. Since publication of the 1998 HIV exposure guidelines ( 5 ), several new antiretroviral agents have been approved by the Food and Drug … Identify best practices for similar services? The distribution of funds is the final output. For complex cases that require more time for follow-up, clients should be kept informed of the progress on addressing the issues they’ve raised throughout the feedback/issue-resolution process. About the guideline Self-care interventions are among the most promising and exciting new approaches to improve health and well-being, both from a health systems perspective and for people who use these interventions. <> A recipient may not always request the service (for example, tax audit, mandatory inspection). Examples include holidays, the end of April for tax filing, natural disasters, or other emergency situations. This guideline “HSE National Wound Management Guidelines 2018” updates the 2009 guidelines and provides a national standardised evidence based approach and expert opinion for the provision of wound care management. For external services, select from one of the following elements: For internal enterprise services, select from one of the following elements: Whether the service has been identified as a priority service, a mission critical service and/or an essential service by the department. A service inventory is developed and updated annually. Section 7.9 of the Policy on Service, which came into effect on October 1, 2016, requires that the proportion of external and internal enterprise e-services be increased annually, according to a department’s service management strategy. Service standards and real-time service delivery performance information for priority services are available to clients on. 2 This customer satisfaction score represents Guideline's average CSAT score as of July 2020. A service inventory is a catalogue of external and internal enterprise services, including the identification of priority services, that provides detailed information based on a specific set of elements (for example, services type, area of responsibility, client and volume). A service management strategy outlines, among other things, what selected service improvement initiatives a department intends to pursue over a multi-year (that is, two- to five-year) period to improve the department’s services. Table 8 identifies three performance results scenarios and possible courses of action. If there is no data for a service yet it is offered via that channel, please indicate the data is not available. When identifying services, keep the following in mind: Definitions and explanations of the key terms contained in the definition of service are as follows: To differentiate between these two concepts, the following example is helpful. AgriStability does not require additional activities or processes to ensure that it contributes to a program outcome. The greater the number of individuals that access the information or data as a final output, the greater the likelihood that it is a service. Care Program Service Management and Funding Guideline (“guideline”) for Consolidated Municipal Service Managers (CMSMs) and District Social Services Administration Boards (DSSABs). The Policy on Service was introduced in 2014 to establish a strategic and coherent approach to the design and delivery of Government of Canada external and internal enterprise services that is client-centric, realizes operational efficiencies and promotes a culture of service management excellence. The annual update should clearly articulate what has changed and/or completed from their previously approved strategy, and should be practical and streamlined. Determining whether an issue identified by a client is eligible for consideration under a particular mechanism can help to avoid wasting resources on a misunderstanding, a wrongly directed concern, or a frivolous matter. For example, a call centre agent providing information or advice in the form of a final output contributes directly to an outcome; the client has obtained customized information and advice needed to access Government of Canada programs and services. © Her Majesty the Queen in Right of Canada, represented by the President of the Treasury Board, 2017, educational, recreational and cultural encounters, non-profit institutions and organizations. A multi-year departmental service management strategy is developed and implemented in alignment with the Government of Canada service direction, and progress is measured annually. Identify and address department-wide and government-wide challenges to completing online services. This information should be consistent with data contained in department’s Performance Information Profile.

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