For attire she wears a crimson sheath dress with a white button near her left s… Though Sticks and co. stopped Eggman when he tried to rob a store, their fight lacked the usual spark. While these four individuals fought, Sticks and co. would help Sonic defeat Metal. However, the sauce proved clean, so Sticks and her crew let Eggman keep selling it. After beating them, Stick regrouped with her crew as Team Eggman was defeated to play ball with Eggman as payback. Appearances in other media Her friendsAmy[5]Hunting[5]Her burrow[5]GarbageShiny things This time, she is not obsessed or constantly fawning over Sonic and is very shy about admitting her true feelings for him, like when she got especially nervous when UT almost told the gang about her crush. Although Sticks accepted it to expand her audience, she soon became everything she had hated and briefly made the villagers revolt against the local powers. [2], After coming to Meh Burger, which had gotten new robot employees (courtesy of Eggman), Sticks saw Dave the Intern lose his job to one of the robot employees in a contest. ... Sonic, and a variety of allies both new and old. Tracking Amy with her data logs while Sticks confused her team with her comprehension of teamwork, the trio found Knuckles, who was guarding Amy's path and had him to join them. While Sticks is generally suspicious and has crazy ideas, Tails is an inherent optimist and relies on facts and science which causes a great deal of bickering between the two. Sonic Boom: Shattered Crystal (WIIU,3DS) (Saga Sonic the Hedgehog) Noticias Relacionadas SEGA nos presenta a Sticks, el nuevo personaje de 'Sonic Boom' (29/05/2014) As Sticks and co. tried to comfort Amy after Eggman took Bea, Eggman came and used Bea alongside Bee Bot look-alikes (which kept Team Sonic from hurting them) to take the Fregosi Sapphire from Knuckles. [46] Sticks and the guys soon noticed Amy was into Fuzzy Puppies and ridiculed her, before resuming their routines and Eggman battles. As such, Sticks and her team followed Fink's directions into the mountains to get a new crystal from a deadly temple built by the Ancients, where they solved the riddles of the place and its guardians thanks to Knuckles' simple thinking. In battle, Sticks is a great warrior with fearsome combat skills due to her wild side. As Eggman struck back using his FleaBots and Badniks, Team Sonic made the former stick to Eggman for the time being after getting his FleaBot remote. [32] Sticks was later out with her friends when they met the hip Swifty the Shrew, whom Sticks was quickly smitten with. Badger[1] When she finally explained herself, she had lead the group to the Rock-cyborg. However, things got worse for Sticks when an infected FriendBot attacked the town too. Sonic Boom Introduces A New Character – Sticks “Sticks is a significant addition to the Sonic Boom universe and the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise.” Sticks the Badger is one of the main characters in the Sonic Boom series. Barker's Circus of Wonders (formerly)Unified Army Though they tried to fight the robots at first, Sticks and her team went after the Lightning Bolts at Eggman's lair. Blue Coming to Sonic's aid at the finish line, Sticks attacked Eggman when he was not looking, while her team distracted him in Tails' Plane. As they then redirected the Wave Machine, Sticks went home with her crew. [105], After following her new team back to their world to destroy a Unity Engine, Sticks accompanied X to the world of Monster Hunter where she got a Gore Magala to join them with babble. It was from these beginnings that she would pick up her feral talents.[92]. Sticks' team stood to lose however when Eggman made his team meaner (but dumber) while the teams practiced. Concept and creation. Eggman then appeared, claiming he did not start the attack, to help Sonic. [3] To her anger, Sticks later found her property the site of a future mall, which had been approved by Knuckles while he filled in for Mayor Fink and recklessly approved bills. Portfolio - Sonic Boom Sticks Png Clipart is a handpicked free hd PNG images. Sonic Boom #1 Upon returning, Tails had left to join the Lightning Bolt Society and the seeds that had been planted had turned into mutant flora. [17], When Team Sonic fought Eggman's Octopus Bot, they got caught in a rockslide caused by Tails' faulty Unbolterizer. After eight months of permits, Sticks had her race against her team in her car, with locals like Eggman joining them, but crashed on the track. [50], Like many of her friends, Sticks tends to distrust Tails due to her exceeding paranoia; once she even thought he was a double-agent. [58] Getting introduced to Tails' new defense for the Village when Tails repelled Eggman with it, Sticks and co. beat Eggman and his Scorpion Bots at Tails' trophy ceremony when Eggman got past the defense in his Egg Tank and used it to attack the Village. When the race began, Team Sticks' trip went smoothly. Amy's clothes were adjusted to make her seem more like the adventuring type an… Frustrated at their ignorance, she demonstrated the Rock of Justice herself by throwing it at the Big Boy, causing it to ricochet into the mech and destroy it, and Sticks hailed the weapon to her flabbergasted team. In terms of leadership, Sticks accepts Sonic as her team leader, though she does not really trust him (or anyone in charge). Sticks and her friends complied to it, though only to keep an eye on things, where they soon after found Eggman's army attacking the villagers. [103] After some interrogation, Sticks convinced Chun-Li and her allies to join the fight against Sigma. Due to living in the jungle, Sticks has no concept of formal behavior, a fact she is aware of and worries will embarrass her in fancy situations. Sticks eventually met Team Sonic who became her first real friends, making her the fourth of her friends to meet Sonic. [33], Sticks has an uncanny sense of foresight, and often predicts the occurrence of unexpected situations long beforehand. Instead, he shattered the asteroid, leaving its pieces to rain down on them. Team Sonic thus helped Sticks beat Eggman and the team decided to resume their old ways. However, Sticks not believe Eggman's claims of victory, as it happened too fast for her to see. If you enjoy this game then also play games Sonic Mania Edition and Sonic 3 Complete. After eating an Evil Cookie infused with Eggman's DNA, Sticks briefly gained genius-level intelligence. In Sonic Boom: Fire & Ice, when Team Sonic discovered strange weather patterns that could destroy the world if left unchecked, Sticks was send by Tails to set monitors up around the Village. Zooey is a character who appears in the Sonic Boom television series. Keeping an eye on the pair at Puppy Con, Team Sonic stopped a rockslide seemingly caused by the Lightning Bolts, only to learn it was a distraction Eggman staged while he stole a rare game piece. Claiming the crystal, the team got it to the Village in time to restore order. Spongebob Squarepants belongs to Nickelodeon. Sticks thus kept Dave from hurting himself and others until Sonic came back with Eggman and stopped Octopus Bot. Jebediah Badger1 is a character that appears in the Sonic Boom television series. They soon saw though that Eggman was the creature, and that he turned into it whenever he got angry. After Sonic and Tails joined the fight, Tails revealed a malware signal from Morristown was controlling the robots, so Sticks stayed behind with Amy and Knuckles to keep the robots at bay while Sonic and Tails went to Morristown to stop the signal. [3][47][48] There are as well times where Sticks may act inconsiderate towards Amy, though she still appreciates her as both a teammate and a friend, and will try making up with her whenever she has upset her. "Hmph, your weapon is pathetic" Shadow threw it aside, "Now to teach you a lesson for breaking into my house!" After they scared Eggman and his lackeys off, Sticks received apologies and congratulations from her friends, but then discovered that the Rock of Justice's power was used up. Sticks the Badger Taming Ms. Tomatopotamus, Sticks and co. would stop an Eggman attack before focusing on their hippo. To Sticks' shock, Amy agreed, as she felt unappreciated by the others. Attire English voice actor(s) Against Sticks' wishes and refusal to give up her stuff, Amy thus began a yard sale with the team. As Team Sonic relocated the rock monster when he blocked a road, Eggman appeared to try and capture him. Planning to follow D-Fekt to the fissures' source, Sticks was given a tracker by Tails which she convinced D-Fekt to wear since he liked her. Game appearances In their new decked-out touring van, the guys hit the road. For cold weathers, Sticks wears a pair of yellow ear warmers, an apple green winter jacket, a yellow scarf, tan mittens with yellow cuffs, and tan winter boots with fuzzy yellow cuffs. Finding Amy's secret script for A Rose Without Thorns, they got mad at Amy for her portrayals of them in it. With Roger Craig Smith, Cindy Robinson, Colleen O'Shaughnessey, Travis Willingham. Available now on Digital. I heard that Sonic Boom is based after Archie Sonic, because of they new looks as well. Miles Prower,12 commonly referred to by his nickname Tails, is one of the main characters in the Sonic Boom series. When the horde got too much though, Og helped the team reseal the evil frogs underground. Realizing the rock monster was just trying to fall sleep, Sticks tried singing him a lullaby when it rejected Amy's. There, she met D-Fekt, an Eggman robot with nearly limitless magnetic powers who sought to keep Team Sonic from closing the emerging fissures. [70], When Sticks and co. held a charity car wash, Eggman attacked them with his Badniks when he complained about their service. With Sonic as her escort, Sticks learned the basics, though she still struggled at the gala. Sonic Boom #1 Lady Sticks[4] According to Hiroyuki Miyazaki, Chief Content Officer for the Sonic Brand, Sega of America, "Sticks is a significant addition to the Sonic Boom universe and the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise" and is meant to form the core ensemble featured throughout the Sonic Boom franchise alongside Sonic, Tails, Amy and Knuckles. Aoi Yūki How old is Sonic in 'Sonic Boom'? She has spent most of her life living alone and flourishing in the wilderness and is as such new to friends in general. Although they drove Eggman off when he unleashed his Badniks on them, Belinda attacked immediately after with Charlie's Mech Suit, whom Sticks and Amy, with some effort, beat too. However, Amy's failed to use them and only got Sticks and Knuckles injured. Sticks the Badger is one of the main characters in the Sonic Boom series. Sonic Boom Belongs To Sonic Team And Sega. He serves as the pilot, gadget specialist, strategist and overall brains of Team Sonic, a group of heroes who protect their home from villains and foes alike. Barker and his traveling circus who needed stand-in performers. [14], After Team Sonic saved the Village from Fire Bot, Sticks showed a kitten ill treatment, making her team convince her to get a pet to learn compassion. Age During the show, Sticks was freed from the mind control by Dreamboat Express, now Dude-itude, with no memory of what had occurred. There, she found a strange portal and was startled by some mysterious people emerging from it.[98]. This led to Sticks and her crew getting quarantined by the authorities when they tried to enter the Male Fennec's shop, although the mayor soon freed them so they could stop Eggman's latest attack. When the chip ended up in Mombot though, the Eggman family kept Team Sonic and co. from attacking Mombot. Can an Evil Genius Crash on Your Couch for a Few Days? He's an anthropomorphic two-tailed fox and the sidekick of Sonic the Hedgehog. [47], Later beating Eggman again, Team Sonic complied to his wish for a fair fight by facing him one-on-one. Nika Futterman [86] Getting scammed by Eggman's online business later on, Sticks and co. faced Eggman in his lair. [65], Having visited the Science Fair Awards, Sticks would come to help her team foil an Eggman attack. Sticks served as a staff member at "Chez Amy" along with her team for a while, but left as Amy got crazy over her rivalry with Dave the Intern at Meh Burger, even by Sticks' standards. Though Sticks insisted Eggman was untrustworthy, Sonic took his offer and soon returned with new shoes that muted his noise. Team Sonic then trashed Eggman's lair and his Badniks on their way out, costing Eggman his place in Modern Lair Magazine. Soon after, Sticks and her team saved Sonic from Eggman's robots when they attacked him, before helping Sonic return a library book. Powers and abilities Later at lunch, Sticks and co. were told by Sonic that he had Steve Eggman join the team after Steve saved him. While her team was suspicious of Og, Sticks would bonded with him, and was soon tasked with watching him. [2] Also, as a symbol of their friendship, they each own a joinable BFF necklace. [80] Visiting later the Haunted Forest with her team alongside Eggman, Sticks got frightened by one of the props. Shortly after the team took care of Orbot and Cubot though, Sticks found Amy in a panic over having lost her hammer. Can an Evil Genius Crash on Your Couch for a Few Days? Moves and techniques During the battle, Knuckles appeared and trapped his own team, claiming he now worked with Eggman since was he tired of Amy's criticism, though Sticks went ahead and trapped herself in her own cage. While Sticks and Knuckles held the plants off, the others got Tails back, who destroyed the plants with his machine. Remaining on standby with Tails, Sticks went underwater to bring an air hose to her friends after Sonic's got cut. Eggman then came by with a gift for Buster, revealing he made him. After the beast was moved though, Sticks had fun seeing Sonic being forced to wait a week for the relocation at Tails'. [7] Despite this she has no problems with Miss Tomatopotamus and found the idea of Tails being in love adorable. Sticks Action Figure 3 Inch Sonic The Hedgehog Sonic Boom TOMY, Inc. close. However, Eggman's gift turned Buster into a larger robot that caught the team, except for Sticks. Orange, brown Sonic lives a quiet life in his seaside cabin. However, as Eggman appeared with multiple Swifty robots and revealed to Sticks' team that he orchestrated it all to leave the Village defenseless, Sonic was brought back and saved the day.[33]. Unable to remove these FleaBots, Sticks and co. faced Eggman to make him stop them. [62] Sticks and co. later came to an edition of the Comedy Chimp Show, where Knuckles won a lamp. [38], Sticks is armed with handmade weapons at all times, most notably a handmade boomerang that she keeps in tow[9] which she uses for not only long-ranged attacks that pack significant power, but also as a melee weapon. Sonic News Network is a FANDOM Games Community. Following Sonic's plan to reunite them for the rematch, Sticks and co. gathered the group, but then had to stop Eggman when he came with his Mega. Her fears were soon confirmed after Eggman kept Sonic and Tails up all night and revealed to Team Sonic that he lied about his lair to exhaust Sonic and Tails before summoning Obliterator Bot. Discovering this, Sticks freed her team and fought back against Eggman's robots alongside them, which led to the guests' liberation and the destruction of Eggman's lair. Peach There, they found Eggman generating a tidal wave underwater to destroy the Village. Nickname(s) She is an anthropomorphic fox who lives on Bygone Island and Miles "Tails" Prower's love interest. When Tails told them that Barker, who wanted Muckfoot as his attraction, had caught Knuckles though, Sticks and co. faced Barker on his Muckfoot world tour, where they beat Barker and his allies (Eggman and his lackeys included) by feeding them sleepwalk-inducing berries, and saved Knuckles. [12], When visiting Tails' house, Sticks and her team saw that Sonic and Tails housed Dr. Eggman, Orbot and Cubot while their lair underwent repairs. In spite of Sticks rooting for Sonic at the race, Sonic lost and was promptly banished. As they drove off Eggman, Knuckles renounced his fame in favor of his friends. Confronting Eggman in his mines, Sticks and Sonic ended up fighting D-Fekt to save Eggman when the robot went overboard trying to destroy Team Sonic to please his creator. [16] Sticks later saw Sonic and Knuckles play coconut hurl with her team when Eggman dropped by to attack them with Cowbot, a robot that would create a massive explosion if destroyed. [71] Tails survived though, and Team Sonic subdued the prototypes. However, seeing the boys having trouble, Sticks and Amy tried fruitlessly to help them in various ways, until they got stuck in an abandoned missile silo. [26][27][15] She also exhibits personality traits based on various conspiracy theorist stereotypes, in that she suspects the government of being behind a lot of shady activities, including mind-controlling the public, and often thinks about toppling it. [54] She will also not hesitate to violently assault Knuckles, usually when he has angered her or for a bigger cause, like pulling out his bad tooth. While home, Sticks saw a Cross Eyed Moose and believed her team had been cursed. [24][29] Despite her dislike of lies, however, she is not a snitch. First appearance Still, Sticks was proud of Sonic when he finally let Tommy share the credit. Given chores to prove their worthiness, Sticks worked without complains (unlike her team) until Monkey-Boy was attacked by Eggman. Alignment and character traits Una nueva cara para el universo del erizo, llegada desde lo más profundo de la jungla. YES!!! In the aftermath, Sticks had come to dislike Orbot less. Initially, she choose him over her team, and when Eggman turned Buster against her, she refused to hurt him. [22] Unlike Tails though, Sticks usually considers technology her enemy because it "can't be trusted. Learning that Eggman had stolen Bolts' intelligence chip, Sticks and her team helped Mighton and Cyborg Sonic battle Eggman's robots, whom Eggman upgraded with the chip. Fed up with the fluff they gave her instead, Sticks compromised her ideals and began a podcast with Tails' aid to find the truth for the people. Game appearances After X explained that they came in peace, Sticks invite herself along on the robots' journey to bring down Sigma (Sticks guessed their mission, much to the surprise of her new allies). Disliking these robots, Sticks did not attend the reopening of the improved Meh Burger until her team, who had been caught in a force-field with the villagers and sent towards space in Meh Burger by Eggman, contacted her. Currently unavailable. Sticks' social skills need plenty of work. After seeing their friends off, Sticks saw Amy set up a Sonic doll to distract Eggman, allowing them to relax without worrying about Eggman attacking the island. Miles Prower, more commonly referred to as Tails, is the deuteragonist in the Sonic Boom series. Following Tails' instructions, Sticks assembled Tails' gear and got Dave to fly her up to Meh Burger in Tails' Plane. [25] Sticks is not the most trusting individual and is full of outrageous suspicions and paranoia (though her instinctive skepticism often turns out to be quite accurate). [87] Later, after seeing Eggman's bots chase a cuddly creature around, Sticks and co. would ask Eggman about the creature. [74], Eventually catching fleas after she and her team stopped Eggman's newest theft by beating his HugeBot, an itchy Sticks soon saw at Meh Burger that her team had fleas too. As Sticks tried protecting her friends with traps, they went with her alternative to seek out a marmoset named Monkey-Boy to break the curse, whom Sticks begged into helping them. [9][15] Also, there is a definite method in much of her madness, and her hair-brained ideas can sometimes be strokes of brilliance that lead to solutions that no one else could have thought of. [67] Sticks soon after came to see Tails demonstrate his Build-it Box by materializing a small Ms. Tomatopotamus. [9] These include an expert sense of smell accurate enough to let her sniff out specific targets, like an animal. He serves as the pilot, gadget specialist, strategist and overall brains of Team Sonic, a group of heroes who protect their home from villains and foes alike. After dealing with Barker, Sticks apologized to Tails for doubting him. Nonetheless, she elaborated on the events for Amy, explaining about time paradoxes and nexuses of reality. In Freiberger's opinion, Sticks brings a healthy dose of cynicism to the series to counter the heroism of her friends, making her more akin to an anti-hero.[10]. Captivated by him on sight, Sticks finds him adorable since she is disgusted by cuteness. Afterwards, Sticks was still mad at Tails, though she later saw him take his bet's punishment at Meh Burger Karaoke Night. Sonic the Hedgehog is the main protagonist of the video game franchise of the same name and Amy Rose, Princess Elise, Blaze the cat the fourth love interests in the games, and Sally Acorn, and (formally) Fiona Fox and Mina Mongoose's love interests in the Archie Comics. At the cook-off, Sticks and her team noticed Knuckles had gone missing after leaving to find a new pepper. Alignment Figuring out this Knuckles was from a Mirror Dimension, Sticks was freaked out over having a counterpart. However, the team's horsing around made the mayor hire D.B. [53] She also does not trust the doctor under normal circumstances when he claims that he is not up to something (noticeably even less than her friends) and instead suspects that he has an evil scheme in play (which is usually correct). Alignment and character traits [17] Her closeness to her friends also creates an internal struggle for her; on one hand she is not sure she can handle the life outside her burrow, but on the other hand she loves her friends and wants to hang out with them. Along with Tails, Knuckles, Amy, and a new recruit named Sticks. No sooner, Eggman attacked with his Giant Robot. On her part, Sticks sees Eggman as a reasonable threat, having underlined how his robots destroy everything and supposedly put songs in people's head that they cannot forget. All new Sonic Boom toys from TOMY! Sticks, however, found D-Fekt irresistibly cute, even as her team told her how dangerous he was. [10] Her desire to hang out with her new friends made Sticks visit the world outside her burrow. [51], When Sticks came to movie star Tommy Thunder's new movie promotion with her team, they stopped Eggman's attack on a baker, inspiring Tommy to observe Sonic's heroics for his upcoming role. Whenever meeting her team, she offered to trade their Shinies for Crowns. Sticks would not rat Tails out though, even as he withheld their discovery. [44] As Sticks later saw Tails demonstrate his Super Antenna, Knuckles took up inventing as a hobby. [60] While playing Jungle Predator, Sticks and her team found a mech suit in an airtight Ancient ruin. [24], As Team Sonic got attacked by Crab Bots before a game, they had Sonic stay put (Sticks in particular) due to the loud noise he had begun making when running. [2] She is also more dedicated to Amy's finer instructions than the rest of her team. All beaten up, Sticks regrouped with her team, only for Lord Eggman (Eggman's counterpart from another dimension) to appear and attack Sonic. Gathering the runaway copies, Sticks helped Sonic, Amy and Eggman catch those in Eggmans lair. Her desire to hang out with her new friends made Sticks visit the world outside her burro… While Amy resolved the situation, Sticks stayed back. [It's another great day in Hedgehog Village. Sonic Boom: Season 3 is the third season of Sonic Boom. English voice actor(s) [61], Having stopped Eggman's search for Ancient tech, Sticks and co. would investigate some robberies, eventually discovering the thief was Og, a friendly Froglodyte just seeking a new life on the surface. Nickname(s) [7], While Team Sonic was in the Village as it was hit by meteors, Sticks used a defense system she had prepared to save the day. Boomerang throwing[5]Weapon crafting[5]Weapon proficiencyHigh agilityEnhanced speedEnhanced animal instinctsEnhanced sense of smellMartial artsSurvival skillsHunting skillsBird callingProficient Enerbeam wielderHyper-go-on usageGrinding The robots withdrew not long after, once Sonic and Tails stopped the malware signal, which left Sticks and co. with a town to clean up, but without the villagers' help. [9], According to Bill Freiberger, the impetus for creating Sticks is very often to deliver his message, and represents his point of view and belief system. [50], As Team Sonic helped Amy built a bookcase, they were attacked by Team Eggman, Eggman's league of villains. She is a wacky anthropomorphic jungle badger and a force of nature in every way. Later at Meh Burger, Team Sonic met Eggman again who sought their help to operate the rides on his Eggtoberfest, which Eggman hoped to gain the villagers' trust with. He is the rival of Sonic the Hedgehog, who seeks to prove his superiority over him in every way. Later, UT returned to give them message from Tails and translated it into a call to rescue him from Eggman. Gender [53], Noticing the local water was gone, Sticks tried bringing the indifferent news media into investigating her theories. Disliking the exploitation of Tails' work too, she made Tails discover with her (during which they met Eggman) that Muckfoot was just a muddy Knuckles on berry-induced sleepwalks. Sticks' attire consists of a midriff-baring tube top and a skirt with an auburn rope belt, each made of worn-down grey fabric stitched together, and tan fur-skin boots, one which has a fur cuff and the other which has metal bands on it. Affiliation(s) Be the first to answer! Affiliation(s) However, she and her team were saved when Eggman reclaimed his Badniks and properties from Barker. To stop it, Sticks kicked the boys out to look for the hammer, while she helped Amy find a placeholder in her arsenal. For high-altitude trips, Sticks has an advanced white spacesuit with orange boots, belt and arms, and a white helmet with an antenna, cylinders to accommodate her hair locks, and a transparent visor. Although Sticks had Amy's support, the villagers would scorn her for her ancestry. Ability type [9][27] Likewise, she truly appreciates Sonic for what he is willing to do for her sake. Cubot then began taking Sticks, along with some of her friends and the villagers, into space to enlighten them. By working together by switching out when needed, Team Sonic beat Eggman while keeping their deal. At the match though, they won by exploiting Team Cybonic's stupidity, leading to the rec center's reopening. Seeking proof, Sticks caught the robot hypnotizing the Village through TV broadcasts (which Sticks did not watch), but her attempt to warn people on TV were ignored. He's an anthropomorphic two-tailed fox and the sidekick of Sonic the Hedgehog. Sticks and co. thus held Eggman off while Tails retrieved Sonic, and together, the heroes beat Eggman's forces. [29] However, her loyalty also means that she feels very hurt when her friends do not trust her enough her when she needs them to. [9] The two of them are very tight, with Sticks having acknowledged that Amy is the one person that will stand by her side, no matter what. Sticks the Badger Sonic Boom has 176 likes from 203 user ratings.

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