First, pour water about 1 inch or 2.5 cm from the surface of the bowl. From coals, shisha, bowls, pipes, bases, stems, grommets, hoses, ash catchers, foil, screens, covers, gauges, filters & smoke. Start by collecting a push pin, a glass mason jar or water glass, as well as a straw. Smoking hookah isn’t rocket science, here’s an explanation on how to smoke hookah properly. Buying your first shisha pipe doesn’t need to be a complex experience, but there are a few things you need to consider when making your choice. Using a pin and jar to smoke hash is a bit awkward at first, but boy oh boy does it really get you faded. Maybe I didn’t do it right. If this method is foreign and alien to you, you’re not alone. Smoke (or vape) cannabis and it goes to your bloodstream and makes its way immediately into your brain. /r/Hookah is a place to talk about all things related to hookah and hookah accessories. If you're smoking unfiltered cigarettes ("straights"), such as Lucky Strikes or Camel Studs, in theory it doesn't matter which end you put between your lips. I smoked before but was not "a smoker". The first time I smoked, I didn’t get high. An hour or so went by then suddenly I started feeling very nauseous. Come one come all, if you enjoy smoking hookah, making shisha or just chilling with your friends this is the place for you. At the same time, this is the fun part of smoking shisha. Hmm so I will share with you my first hookah. Prepare the Shisha Kits. I smoked A LOT from the hookah. The explanation below shows how to smoke shisha properly. In this part of the article, I want to explain how to smoke shisha in the proper way. I found the Hookah buzz very strong and pleasant. There are various different models available on the market and each one provides a unique experience for the first time shisha smoker. shisha is just flavoured tobbaco in a water pump like thing it does not contain THC so its not gonna get you high just like smoking a ciggerete but more better. Smoking too much of the e-cigarette at a time or smoking the e-cigarette for too long can lead to throat irritation and soreness as well as taste bud burnout, also known as “vaper’s tongue”. Maybe I was all wrong. If you want to know, before you light up in public for the first time, try practicing with a pen or pencil to see what feels right for you. 6.) Smoking shisha tobacco takes time because you have to set the shisha kit. Give your throat and mouth a rest between e-cigarette sessions so you do not develop any irritation or numbness after smoking. Smoke Hash with a Pin and Jar. Eat it, and the liver gets first dibs at processing the THC, turning it … Smoke gently on your first time; like with any new experience shisha smoking can take some time to get used to. There was a lot of smoke, but it was very smooth and didn't hurt my throat like cigarette smoke did. Be sure to give your coals a shuffle every 15-20 minutes, so you know you’re getting the best out of your shisha pipe. But I didn’t. If you think you can smoke from a hookah in the same way as a cigarette, you are wrong, you must inhale the smoke slowly and steady.

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how to smoke shisha for the first time

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