Physio case study 1. Cross V. (1997) The professional development diary: a case study of one cohort of physiotherapy students. CASE STUDY – STROKE REHABILITATION Jennifer is 74 years old and lives alone in her house in Sussex. Physiotherapy Case Reports journal is an online, international, open access individual which is a part of the Mega Journal - Clinical Case Reports International. Physiotherapy.1997; 83:375 -- 383. Until recently, Jennifer was a spritely and independent lady, regularly attending her local bowls club and heavily involved in the WI. Physiotherapy: Health Care and Professional Sports People. Case study B. John Reynolds fractured his left clavicle (collar bone) in a British Superbike race at Thruxton on June 6th. Hagler P, McFarlane L. (1991) Achieving maximum student potential: the supervisor as coach. He was knocked off in an incident with his stand-in team mate Gregorio Lavilla. Hemophilia B (also called Christmas disease, for the name of the family the disorder was first observed in), is … The journal aims to make itself an open platform for all the professionals working on physiotherapy to read, share and distribute CASE STUDY EXAMPLE INTRODUCTION Craniosacral Therapy is a gentle, hands-on form of manual therapy which addresses dysfunction within the craniosacral system, which follows the movement and flow of cerebrospinal fluid within the ventricles of the brain, the dural tube, and the central nervous system surrounding the spinal and cranial nerves. “I was referred by my work to Brighton Physiotherapy clinic due to a violent attack at work, sustaining shoulder/elbow and hip injuries. Tina has been treating me for nearly 2 years now which when reading, you may think is quite a long time to see a physio. Case Study: Audrey L. Onset and History: Mid-January 2015 this 9 year old young lady was at school playing tag and running and she tripped over her feet and fell.Then another kid tripped and landed on her left foot. It therefore follows that sports physiotherapy is the specialized branch of physiotherapy dealing with injuries and issues related to athletes. ... "X is a risk factor for Y: a case control study", "What is the impact of factor X on subject Y: A systematic review, A case report etc." Physiology Case Studies Question 1 a) Hemophilla : Hemophilia A (classic hemophilia), is caused by the deficiency of Factor VIII. Physiotherapy is a health care profession which aims to enhance and restore physical ability and quality of life to those with physical impairments, injuries or disabilities. For case reports, Archives of Physiotherapy requires authors to follow the CARE guidelines. 2 weeks after the initial injury she was still having pain and limping so her mom mentioned it to her family doctor during a well check. She Four months ago, Jennifer suffered a major stroke.

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physiotherapy case study examples

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