Prior to the arrival of the PerformaBe F328Bes at SoundStage! I found the them easy to drive, working well with the few different amplifiers. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. In short, the new tweeter is more dynamic with less distortion than the same sized Beryllium tweeter in the rest of the lineup. The transition between the tweeter and midrange was noticeably more coherent than the already excellent F226Be and F228Be and more seamless from a wider variety of listening positions. I'm told that the C426Be center channel is designed to be a perfect match with the PerformaBe towers. You'll automatically be entered in the HTR Sweepstakes, and get the hottest audio deals directly in your inbox. They are also extremely accurate speakers. This new tweeter is combined with a sixth-generation, ceramic-coated, cast-aluminum Acoustic Lens waveguide engineered to integrate the tweeter's directivity with the directivity of the midrange driver. Staying with metallic instruments for another track, I listened to Earl Hines' version of "Birdland" (CD, RealTime Records). Revel’s claims of engineered-in directivity modelling was on the money as far as setting these rather large speakers in our dedicated listening studio. Clear and Present Danger from the Jack Ryan 5-Film Collection (UHD Blu-ray) is one of the movies that we were able to watch through the F328Bes, and I was not surprised that they handled the Dolby TrueHD soundtrack with ease, even with the speakers set to Large in the Marantz AV8805 and receiving a full range signal. Keep your eyes open for a review … As you’d expect for a design with the levels of engineering such as found on F328Be, the specifications are detailed and comprehensive. Here the more recent production on DMP Records present the drums with even more punch and dynamic expression. Let me get the similarities out of the way right off the bat. An Oppo UDP-203 and a Roku Ultra are my primary multichannel sources. Wait, what? After I started listening, though, that careful deliberation went right out the window. What the F328Bes do extremely well from the outset is scale. The super light and ultra-stiff high power tweeter is housed within Revel’s trademark waveguide which is in its 6th generation of refinement. The drums are particularly well-recorded on this piece, and on the other end of the spectrum there is plenty of action from the triangle, cowbells, and cymbals. He had free rein to manufacture drivers in-house. When I asked the Revel engineers about the new tweeter, I was provided with far too much information to include here, but I'll do my best to summarize it. Astute readers will notice that this is only five inches taller than the F228Be, but almost three inches deeper. There are other speakers that provide more resolution or extension at either end of the frequency spectrum, but you would be hard pressed to find a speaker that provides a more balanced, coherent, and nuanced presentation, especially at this price point. The cabinets of Revel Performa speakers are no longer made in the US; I thought the F208's fit and finish absolutely excellent, and really loved the speaker's overall styling. Thus models like the Ultima Salon2—the Revel flagship—and the earlier Performa F52 (a personal favorite, see my review in Issue 162) have been perennials on TAs’ Editor’s Choice list. Though Revel speakers take some time to come to fruition, the results aren’t merely good -- in the case of the Performa3 F206, they’re great. I have not had the opportunity for extended listening sessions with either speaker, but my brief experiences with them were favorable. Laura Marling's "Soothing" from Semper Femina (Tidal Hi-Fi) and "Variations" from Submotion Orchestra's album Kites (Tidal Hi-Fi) both feature female vocals that the F328Bes reproduced very similarly to the F226Be (as opposed to the F228Be) in that the specific space of each image was better, with tight, defined mid-bass. To contact us, please e-mail Like the rest of the PerformaBe lineup, the F328Bes were forgiving when it came to toe-in, and I ended up pointing them to a spot slightly behind my listening position. The design presented users with a variety of mix-and-match options to suit any décor. Optical discs were played on my Oppo BDP-95 with its digital output feeding the DirectStream. Google Nest Deeply Discounted for Cyber Monday, Sonus Faber’s Latest Loudspeaker Built with Two-Way Design, Magnepan MMGW Multi-Channel Planar Loudspeaker Reviewed, How to Pick the Right Amp for Your Speakers (or Vice Versa), Sound United Finalizes Acquisition of Bowers & Wilkins, 1MORE's Exclusive Amazon Prime Day Deals Shouldn't Be Overlooked, Sonos’ New Upgrade Program Includes More Eligible Devices and Allows You to Keep Your Old Device, Revel F226Be Floorstanding Loudspeaker Reviewed, Revel PerformaBe Series F228Be Floorstanding Speaker Reviewed, Revel Ultima Studio2 Loudspeakers Reviewed, Revel Performa3 F208 Floorstanding Speaker Reviewed, Sonus faber Olympica Nova II Floorstanding Speaker Review. The five-driver, three-way speaker is fairly large at 50.9 inches high, 13.5 inches wide, and 17.6 inches deep, and it weighs in at hefty 112.6 pounds. Even more so if you have Joe Morello’s reimagining of the track in his Morello Standard Time album. The 5.25-inch midrange is the only driver that is carried over from other models in the PerformaBe lineup. The DCC technology incorporates an advanced fabrication method which involves a “plasma electrolytic oxidation process that uses a plasma discharge to create a coarse ceramic coating on both sides of the aluminium core.” The midrange driver features powerful magnets and a large voice coil within the motor system. Introducing the F226BE New from the Revel PerformaBe Series Discover; F328Be The New Flagship is Here Discover; Discover the World of Revel Learn more; Revel in Lincoln Revel Ultima 3D makes its debut in the all-new 2020 Lincoln Aviator. Since Revel's formation in 1996, few other speaker makers have garnered as much critical acclaim for their products. It is very forgiving for a high end speaker, being perfectly at ease even with budget amps. I grew up listening to Harry Belafonte with my parents and enjoy listening to this album. What would be the product of a gun designer with almost unlimited scientific and engineering resources? Revel’s claims of engineered-in directivity modelling was on the money as far as setting these rather large speakers in our dedicated listening studio. But play well produced music from adept studio and mastering engineers (or those who have not suffered amping-up compression pressures from clueless record company execs) and you’ll get as close a reproduction of the music as the creators would hope for. Borrowing another track from my F228Be review, I listened to the Living Stereo recording of Saint-Saëns: Symphony No. I simply didn't want to stop and ended up listening to all the tracks from those reviews and many more. Dense mixes like The Gladiator Soundtrack and its inspiration in Gustav Holst’s The Planets are great examples of mayhem presented in a very listenable way without affecting the spectacle and majesty of the pieces. Revel Speakers Review 2020 – So here we have shared almost all the trending and most searched products on this category for you guys. The IsoAcoustics Gaia II as used on the F328Be continues the tradition. Another user-important factor manifests itself via Revel’s controlled directivity philosophy in conjunction with tight driver measurement and fabrication tolerances. The 4 th-order 24dB/octave acoustical filter slope uses tight-tolerance parts fabricated to Revel specifications. It’s just that Gaia IIs springs those qualities into somewhat fuller blossoms. The woofer uses a 1.5"-diameter voice-coil edge-wound with flat wire on a Kapton former to maximize the amount of conductor within the magnetic gap. var addye2a18a82528a8d2310eedbf1007a7d98 = 'edkramer' + '@'; I'll start with one of those additional tracks I listened to, "Walking on the Moon" by Infected Mushroom (Tidal), an electronica track with myriad sound effects, each of which was precisely placed in a three-dimensional soundstage into which the speakers completely disappeared. The F328Be has a cabinet design similar to the rest of the PerformaBe floorstanding lineup, with a flat front baffle, rounded side walls that meet in a rounded point at the rear, a beveled black plinth at the bottom, and a curved metallic black top panel. It most certainly is one of the best overall buys in its segment. All contents available on this website are copyrighted by SoundStage!® and Schneider Publishing Inc., unless otherwise noted. But there’s more. Is it realistic? The speakers disappear into a large soundstage and are capable of resolving details at low volumes but don't lose their composure with dynamic music at higher volumes. And the sound was… revelicious. The current Revel speakers lineup pays homage to the original Revel Salon with beautiful curved cabinets that house the great speaker technology coming out of Revel these days. I cannot help but wonder if there would be an audible improvement in performance with a more inert cabinet. As with the rest of the PerformaBe floorstanding family, the F328Be is available in your choice of choice of four high-gloss finishes: Black, White, Walnut, and Metallic Silver. var addy_texte2a18a82528a8d2310eedbf1007a7d98 = 'edkramer' + '@' + 'soundstageaustralia' + '.' + 'com';document.getElementById('cloake2a18a82528a8d2310eedbf1007a7d98').innerHTML += ''+addy_texte2a18a82528a8d2310eedbf1007a7d98+'<\/a>'; Revel PerformaBe F328Be Loudspeakers Price: AU$31,995 Warranty: Five Years, Australian Distributor: Convoy International +61 2 9774 9900, Harman International 400 Atlantic Street Stamford, CT 06901 United States of America +1 888 691 4171 Put all these things together with Revel’s obsessive product development process and you have a pair of speakers that can stand toe-to-toe with the best sub-thousand pound standmounters around with confidence. The appearanceof the M16 is clean and stylish, almost minimalist. During the course of my listening sessions, I installed acoustic panels in my room, but those will be the subject of discussion in a future article. Search Reviews. A painted gun metal speckle-gloss curved panel atop the enclosure acts as a design accent and is emblazoned with a ‘Performa’ logo. were all available in-house for the development of proprietary drivers for intimate matching to Revel loudspeaker designs. Additional Resources• Visit the Revel website for more product information.• Check out our Floorstanding Speakers category page to read similar reviews.• Revel PerformaBe Series F228Be Floorstanding Speaker Reviewed at Whether this is good or bad will depend on your taste and décor, but it could be a deciding factor for some. The pulsating rhythm, the drama of the horns, the trumpet fanfares, it’s all there with tremendous control and complete dynamic authority. Yes, despite having available to him a level of resources most loudspeaker engineers would sacrifice an arm for, Voecks had yet another advantage to capitalise on. It was powerful on the F228Bes, but the F328Bes reproduced the organ with more authority and control. See the floorstanding speaker page for the latest reviews of competitive speakers. The tweeter in the F328Be is an all-new design found only in the F328Be at this time. The few voices that were not heavily processed sounded fine, but not being familiar with the artist I have no idea if they were conveyed accurately. The Revels were also introduced to the charms of a dCS Bridge network bridge (£3,250 – review in the works). Revel Concerta2 F36 Tower Speakers Review; Revel by Harman Be Concept Speakers; On the “avoidance” side, I’m not now, nor have I ever been, a fan of bookshelf-sized speakers. Overall I highly recommend that you aud… I was intrigued by this statement, as the PerformaBE series lacks the sculpted baffle of the Ultima 2 and has to overcome that design limitation. All images contained in this review are the property of fairaudio or Revel - Ed. I was told about an acoustically damped, vented pole piece that lowers mechanical resonance frequency and increases bandwidth, and an inductance modulation ring that reduces distortion as compared to the prior Beryllium tweeter. My relatively symmetrical room also made for easy positioning. The speaker is neutral and at the same time very smooth sounding. The triple eight-inch woofers need significantly more air than a pair of them, so the cabinet has some extra depth and a pair of rear-firing ports instead of a single port. The reproduction of the guitar was very similar across all three speakers, but the overall soundstage with the F328Bes was larger than either the F226Be or F228Be. The bass guitar was portrayed with a careful balance of the F226Be's precision and the F228Be's weight. While the addition of a third woofer is the most visible difference, the F328Be's new tweeter is the bigger story, and most will probably find it to make a bigger difference. I did not have any low-power tube amps in-house during my time with the Revels, but all of the moderate- to high-powered solid-state units worked fine. The internal bracing of the cabinets is designed to shift the resonant frequencies up to a point where the cabinet is not an efficient transducer, though, and I did not notice any cabinet coloration during my listening. The Paradigm Persona 5F, a larger floorstanding speaker, is also an obvious competitor, as they are similarly priced ($17,000/pair) and rely on a Beryllium tweeter (and also has a Beryllium midrange driver). I also noticed that I could feel more vibration from the side panels of the F328Be when playing bass-heavy music at louder volumes than I could with the Magico A3. As with the rest of PerformaBe line, the F328Bes have a more forward midrange than the A3, but I found the A3's imaging to be slightly sharper. But there is a lot more to this speaker than merely "louder F228Be with more bass.". With Harman International Luxury Audio Group’s world-leading Research & Development facilities’ substantial resources at his disposal (with stablemates including Arcam, JBL, Lexicon and Mark Levinson) Voecks was well-set-up to develop loudspeakers of supreme technical distinction. A couple of years post the Ultima range’s indisputable success, Revel introduced the gen-one Performa line. The company’s Californian Northridge Acoustic Centre of Excellence is populated with a team of scientists and engineers armed with the latest design and development technologies who are led by renowned scientist and Director of Acoustic Research Dr Sean Olive. I had a really enjoyable few weeks listening to the Revel Performa 3 M106 loudspeaker. This site was designed by JoomlaShack and the SoundStage! However, even the most successful products need a reboot from time to time and Revel’s latest represents a significant evolution of a proven loudspeaker line. The only problem with Revel's original Ultima series speakers was their price, at which even veteran audio reviewers blinked twice. The F328Bes’ cabinets are well built, attractively styled with curved sides tapering towards the rear of the enclosure. The second area was the authority of the organ. Sure, the F328Bes play music with accuracy and unwavering correctness. But I can tell you it pressurized my room with no signs of strain or distortion up to volumes that were well above comfortable listening levels. The ‘Acoustic Lens’ waveguide is now constructed from ceramic coated aluminium and is machined to shape in order to provide targeted on/off-axis dispersion characteristics. The F328Be's nominal impedance is specified at 8 ohms, and sensitivity is stated at 91 dB/w/m. The treble on the F328Be seems ever so slightly softer than that of the F228Be and F226Be -- closer to that of the Magico A3 in overall balance in the treble region. Revel F328Be Floorstanding Speaker . 3 being closer in bass capabilities to the F328Be. The biggest differences in individual instruments were additional detail in the higher notes of the violins via the F328Bes. The DCC cones are coupled with an improved motor structure for greater efficiency, dynamic range, and power-handling with reduced distortion and compression. Learn More; Revel Extreme Climate Landscape Series Award-winning sound in any environment Learn More Sure, most speakers in for review over the last few months have ended up in a very similar position – a placement of general suitability for room interactions – but the F328Bes inspired confidence in terms of the obvious acoustic synergies with our room. As per company philosophy, the strict mandate was to optimise directivity, a task requiring exhaustive anechoic chamber measurements. Crap-in-crap-out without editorialising. So much so that when I transitioned to my multichannel evaluation, I started with the musical Hamilton (Disney+). I might as well note here that I also listened with the stock spikes, but found that on my second-story wood-framed floor they reduced energy transmission to the floor. The speaker sounds, looks and feels like it is worth a million bucks. Revel states that in comparison to the company's highly acclaimed Ultima 2, the F328Be's tweeter is much smoother. It’s not all pomp and circumstance though (now, pun is intended). Revel's own highly regarded Salon2 should probably be considered the F328Be's stiffest competition. What sonic wonders could be unleashed via a loudspeaker design bearing the fruits of what may possibly be the industry’s most advanced testing and development facilities? As with the F328Be, I installed IsoAcoustics' GAIA II feet ($299 at Crutchfield and Amazon), but had the front feet a little lower than the rears to slightly aim the tweeter down to my listening height. The same DCC technology is applied on the trio of 200mm bass drivers which also feature massive motor systems. The F328Bes completely disappeared, and the vocals sounded like they were coming from just behind the plane of the speakers. My son plays a low brass instrument, so I paid particular attention to the tuba, which was convincingly reproduced. The treble on the F328Be seemed to be a touch less forward than that of the F228Be while being nonetheless more detailed. The narrow rear taper houses the twin reflex ports and the terminals which house dual twin binding posts suitable for bi-wiring or bi-amping (a gold plated linking strap is supplied for single-wire operation). Positioning When Sydney Harman’s Revel hit the high-end loudspeaker market in the late 1990s, the company created quite the stir with its distinctive Gem, a beautifully-styled and high-performing standmount which garnered rave reviews globally. So we come to the latest-gen beryllium-tweeter endowed PerformaBe line (a notch above the non-beryllium Performa3 range), where the flagship F328Be is its most recent addition. Vocals were super intelligible through the dense musical stream, even over and above the track’s dark bass underpinning. Bass augmentation is provided via twin reflex ports located on the cabinet’s rear tapering curved panel. The budding company was on a roll. Submit a ReviewContact Editorial Policy About us, Privacy Policy CCPA / GDPR Affiliate policy.

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