John D. Caputo was born to an Italian-American Catholic family in Philadelphia in October of 1940. Much … Levinas und der junge Heidegger über Philosophie und Glauben," in, "Instants, Secrets, Singularities: Dealing Death in Kierkegaard and Derrida," in, "Dark Hearts: Heidegger, Richardson, and Evil," in, "Infestations: The Religion of the Death of God and Scott's Ascetic Ideal," Research in, "Bedevilling the Tradition: Deconstruction and Catholicism." Heidegger distanced himself from Christianity in the late twenties, but it remains plausible that he never fully abandoned his Catholic mindset. "One often hears the statement 'God is dead'. They are well served by this disturbance because it keeps them on their toes. Sophie-Jan Arrien, “God and Anonymity: Prolegomena to an Ankhoral Religion,” in, “The Experience of God and the Axiology of the Impossible,”. Caputo now reflects on his spiritual journey from a Catholic altar boy in 1950s Philadelphia to a philosopher after the death of God. Cross and Khora: Deconstruction and Christianity in the Work of John D. Caputo ed. ", Australian National Radio, "The Prayers and Tears of Jacques Derrida.". Caputo has a special interest in continental approaches to the philosophy of religion. University of Toronto Press. and has an interest in interacting with the working church groups like ikon and the “Emergent” Church. The Weakness of God and The Insistence of God1 John D. Caputo I grew up in a culturally Catholic world and was steeped in Greek philosophy and the Catholic … The author of such books as Radical Hermeneutics , The Prayers and Tears of Jacques Derrida , and The Weakness of God , Caputo now reflects on his spiritual journey from a Catholic … "On the Wings of Angels: Post-humanism and Info-technotheology,", "God, Perhaps: The Diacritical Hermeneutics of God in the Work of Richard Kearney,", Hospitality and the Trouble with God," in, "The Return of Anti-Religion: From Radical Atheism to Radical Theology,", "The Perversity of the Absolute, the Perverse Core of Hegel, and the Possibility of Radical Theology, in, "The Weakness of God and the Iconic Logic of the Cross," in, "Why the Church Deserves Deconstruction," Preface to the Chinese translation of, "The Sense of God: A Theology of the Event with Special Reference to Christianity," in, "Praying for an Earthier Jesus: A Theology of Flesh," in, “Virtually Invisible: On Seeing in the Dark,” in, "Good Soup and Other Gifts" [Interview] in, "Bodies Still Unrisen, Events Still Unsaid: A Hermeneutic of Bodies without Flesh,”, “Listening to the Voices of the Dead: The Heterological Historian in Gill and Wyschogrod,” in, “What is Merold Westphal’s Critique of Onto-theology Criticizing?” in, “Oltre la sovranità: molte nazioni, sotto un Dio debole,”, "In His Steps: A Postmodern Edition" Excerpt from Chapter 1 of, "Why the Church Deserves Deconstruction: A Preface to the Chinese Translation [of, "Living by Love: A Quasi-Apostolic carte postale on Love in itself, if There is Such a Thing,", "Having Faith in Reason: A Response to Professor Wiebe”, "Open Theology-Or What Comes After Secularism? The Adventure of Weak Theology: Reading the Work of John D. Caputo … Hauntological Hermeneutics and the Interpretation of Christian Faith: On Being Dead Equal Before God,", "Looking the Impossible in the Eye: Kierkegaard, Derrida, and the Repetition of Religion," Chinese Translation by Wang Qi in. John David Caputo (born October 26, 1940) is an American philosopher who is the Thomas J. Watson Professor of Religion Emeritus at Syracuse University and the David R. Cook Professor of Philosophy Emeritus at Villanova University. ", "In Defense of St. "On the Power of the Powerless," in Gianni Vattimo with John D. Caputo. In, "Reason, History and a Little Madness: Towards a Hermeneutics of the Kingdom," Proceedings of the, "Sorge and kardia: The Hermeneutics of Factical Life and the Categories of the Heart,", "The Good News About Alterity: Derrida and Theology,", "Heidegger, Kierkegaard and the Foundering of Metaphysics,", "In Search of the Quasi-Transcendental: The Case of Derrida and Rorty,", "On Not Knowing Who We Are: Foucault and the Night of Truth," in, "Meister Eckhart and the Later Heidegger: the Mystical Element in Heidegger’s Thought,” in, "The Poetics of Suffering and the Deconstruction of Ethics,", "How to Avoid Speaking of God: The Violence of Natural Theology," in, "The Difficulty of Life: A Response to Ronald McKinney,", "Heidegger's Scandal: Thinking and the Essence of the Victim," in, "Hyperbolic Justice: Deconstruction, Myth and Politics,", "Deconstructing Institutions: A Reply to Dauenhauer,", "Heidegger's Kampf: The Difficulty of Life,", "Incarnation and Essentialism: A Reading of Heidegger,", "Deconstructing the Rahnerian Bridge: Heidegger and Aquinas,", "Hermeneutics and Faith: A Reply to Prof. Olthuis,", "Radical Hermeneutics and Religious Truth: The Case of Sheehan and Schillebeeckx," in.

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