Red maple wood is soft and often deformed, which means that only the best specimens can be used for making sturdy products like furniture and flooring. The lifespan of the Japanese maple is diminished if forced to live in the extreme cold of zone 3 or the high heat and humidity of zone 9. Other names: hard maple, rock maple Sugar Maple is the quintessential North American maple known for its hard premium wood, gorgeous fall color, and maple syrup, even decorating the national flag of our Canadian neighbors. The Sugar Maple leaf is on the bottom. Grows to 60' to 75', 40'-50' spread. Fall Fiesta® has proven to be one of the best Sugar Maple trees for both cold and hot climates. Maples found in Canada range from trees 40 metres or more tall (e.g., bigleaf maple, Acer macrophyllum) to shrubs less than 10 metres high (e.g. Japanese Maple Tree Facts. Distribution map. Note that the Norway Maple leaf has more points. But like Real Estate it is location, location, location! Many homeowners choose to plant a red maple as an ornamental tree because it’s easy to grow. The life span of a red maple tree is between 100 and 300 years. Maple trees are usually grown in gardens as landscaping plants, owing to their beauty and their extensive branching system. Norway maple is sometimes confused with our native sugar maple (Acer saccharum) and so here are a few distinguishing characteristics that can be used to tell the two apart. It does not do well as a street tree, since it is intolerant of high heat and air pollution, but can do well in backyards. There are many kinds of maples that are smaller such as the Amur Maple. Silver maple trees typically live between 100 and 125 years. ISBN 978-1-84246-422-9.,,, [database_cross_reference: POC:cooperl] [database_cross_reference: GR:pj] [database_cross_reference: PO:0025034],,,,,,,,,,,, [database_cross_reference: GOC:TermGenie] [database_cross_reference:]. Sugar maple grows in ever … Compared to pure Sugar Maple ( Acer saccharum ), Fall Fiesta® Sugar Maple is more vigorous and symmetrical in growth. Sugar maple, large tree in the soapberry family (Sapindaceae), native to eastern North America and widely grown as an ornamental and shade tree. The Sugar Maple is one of the most important trees in the eastern United States and Canada, both economically and ecologically. In addition to maple syrup, maple trees are valued for their hardwood, which is used to make furniture. A large shade tree with symmetrical habit. The life span of a red maple tree is between 100 and 300 years. Sugar maple is most commonly found in forests with fairly moist soils. Height growth ceases after 140 to 150 years. Read on to learn more. Acer saccharum, or Northern Sugar Maple, is a deciduous tree that is native to Eastern and central North America. Hardy to -30°F Maximum Elevation: 6,500 ft. Lifespan Up to 500 years Status Stable It is associated with freshwater habitat. The lifespan is affected by the environment. The sugar maple thrives in U.S. Department of Agriculture Plant Hardiness Zones 3 through 8, while the Japanese maple is hardy only to zones 5 through 8. Be careful not to overheat the sugar or it will burn. It has a self-supporting growth form. The Sugar Maple is one of about twenty species in the genius Acer which occur in North America. This tree is not usually used for maple syrup, as the sugar content in the sap is too low. Mature Height/Spread: Maples vary in size from a small Japanese maple (8 feet) to a large sugar maple (100 feet). Growth Rate: Growth rate is varied, depending on the species. Maples are generally deciduous, with light-coloured, straight-grained wood. SUGAR MAPLE (HARD MAPLE) QUICK FACTS. Also susceptible to aphids, borers and scale. It is commercially important as a source of maple syrup, maple sugar, and hardwood lumber useful in furniture manufacture and flooring. Acer saccharum-- Sugar Maple Page 4 color, Florida maple is ideal for use as a specimen, park or street tree, or for use in woodland areas and is much preferred over Sugar Maple in USDA hardiness zones 8b through 9. ), The Secret Science of Solving Crossword Puzzles, Racist Phrases to Remove From Your Mental Lexicon. Fact Check: What Power Does the President Really Have Over State Governors? Festival of Sacrifice: The Past and Present of the Islamic Holiday of Eid al-Adha, James Birkbeck Photo Art/Moment/Getty Images. The Sugar Maple (Acer saccharum) grows to 100 feet in height and has a 300-year life span. The Sugar Maple tree is also a popular street and garden tree for its beautiful fall colors. Zone: 4a Height: 20 m (66 ft) Spread: 11 m (35 ft) Moisture: normal, wet Light: partial shade, full sun Fall colour: red Growth rate: medium Life span: medium Maintenance: low Suckering: none Pollution tolerance: medium. Some maple woods have a recognizable birds-eye circular pattern. Best in fertile, slightly acidic, moist soils in full sun. Different varieties of maple have different life spans, but most grow to be more than 100 years old. Fall Fiesta Maple Growth Rate. The quick and easy way to tell them apart is that Norway Maple have milky sap. Comments: Sugar Maple is a tree of economic importance because it is the source of maple syrup. The lifespan depends on the type of maple. The lifespan of a maple tree is between 100 and 400 years, depending on the species. The life span for Red Maple is about 70 years. It has a self-supporting growth form. Norway maple leaves are usually broader than they are long, while sugar maple leaves are generally longer than wide. Sugar maples mainly grow in the Northeast region of the United States and Southeast region of Canada. Life History: General Information on Maples. Its thicker leaves give it good resistance to leaf scorch and make it more heat, wind, and drought tolerant than the species. The Kew Plant Glossary. vine maple, Acer circinatum, and mountain maple, A. spicatum). The Sugar Maple thrives in the cool, damp climate typically found in the lake states. You might be well accustomed to maple syrup, that has an extensive use in making desserts. This … Generally, sugar maple (A. saccharum), Amur maple (A. ginnala) and paperbark maple (A. griseum) are not suited to the Coastal Plains. Leaf scorch may be a problem in drought conditions. I'm sure there's something that will fit. Some old growth sugar maple stands can average 300 to 400 years in age. How to Tell the Age of Maple Trees. Generally intolerant of urban pollution. Acer saccharum (Sugar Maple) is a species of tree in the family Sapindaceae. However, red maple is well-suited for making clothespins, musical instruments, and boxes. The trunk is relatively short, up to 3 feet in diameter, and the branches are numerous and spreading, forming a large, rounded crown. The round to oval growth habit makes it an ideal shade or street tree. A sugar maple has a lifespan of 300 years. Sugar Maple. Do not plant in confined areas or where salt is a problem. Can be found throughout the eastern United States, as far south as Georgia. French name: ... Poster presenting types of injuries in sugarbushes and defense mechanisms of sugar maples Sugarbush health management - Diseases Poster to help identify some leaf, trunk and root diseases of sugar maples. Sugar Maple has simple, broad leaves. Tolerates shade, likes a well-drained, moderately moist, fertile soil. One of Canada’s most loved tree species, the Sugar maple (Acer saccharum), may be in decline again.A tree that is supposed to have a longevity of 300 years (with the oldest in Canada being the Comfort maple, at 500 years) is dying at about 80-100 years old or less. The average life span of a sugar maple tree is 300 years, although sugar maples can live up to 400 years. Sugar Maples are a long term tree in most parts of the country. Easily grown in average, medium moisture, well-drained soil in full sun to part shade. It is a photoautotroph. It is one of the most common trees in the United States.. They prefer rich, acidic, well-draining soil. Sugar Maple Economic Importance: Acer Saccharum Family: Aceraceae Geographical Range: The Sugar Maple is native of North America, inhabiting hardwood forests stretching from Nova Scotia to Minnesota and as far south as Georgia. A patented cultivar of sugar maple (Acer saccharum), the Fall Fiesta maple (Acer saccharum "Bailsta" Fall Fiesta) is known for its rapid and vigorous growth rate. Trees and Shrubs Maples: Range map for Sugar Maple (Acer saccharum) Sugar Maple is native to United States, North America, and Eastern North America.

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